Sirsa’s song “Taken” to score designer Nik Kacy’s Fashion Show in Oakland!


Back in 2004, I wrote the  song “TAKEN” for one of my folk-tronica projects D’lovely. It was dark and industrial, with Bjork and garage-y undertones. So when the up-and-coming shoe-designer Nik Kacy ( was in search of a angst-ridden and urban song to highlight their premiere RUNWAY show earlier this month in Oakland — “Taken” was the perfect fit!

I feel honored that designer Nik Kacy used “TAKEN” as the backdrop for showcasing their platform of thirteen shoe styles.  There is no video of this runway show but you can catch some footage after they use “TAKEN” once more for Queer Fashion Week this September in Oakland!  Yay!  Thank you, Nik!

To hear “TAKEN”, Press Here. : )

Photo Credits: Jose Lim


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