Sirsa proudly signs to Laurel Canon Music Licensing

Photo: Vivi Rama

Photo: Vivi Rama

Hi everyone.  Many years ago I was watching the final episode of TV show “Six Feet Under.”  For anyone that remembers that final episode, it was literally one of the best moments of TV I have ever seen.  Part of that is because Sia’s emotional song, “Breathe Me,” was so perfectly placed in the final minutes of the show. I had tears running down my face, in appreciation of the beauty for how music and screen melded together as one.

The music supervisor responsible for that moment was 5-time Grammy nominated Gary Calamar. Gary is also a well-known DJ on NPR’s  KCRW. I remember thinking back then how it would be an honor to work with a music supervisor who was capable of such insight and beauty.

And then, just last week, after a meeting with Gary’s well-respected partner James Combs, I am now officially one of the artists represented by Gary Calamar! How exciting is that?

You can see my profile on his Licensing Company Website  here…

With much appreciation and excitement,




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