Pandora Music SPINS all of Sirsa’s albums including SHOT OF YOUR LOVE!!!

TO all Pandora lovers….Sirsa is very proud to showcase all four of her various release on PANDORA music! For those of you who can’t decide which album to choose first, here’s a little breakdown for you all. : )

SHOT OF YOUR LOVE by SIRSA (2019)…… recorded in Italy, produced by film composer Federico Ferrandina. It’s very visual, filled with Mediterranean inspired laid-back orchestral soundscapes, with a chic lounge vibe. It’s perfect for relaxing or feeling through some darker moments in your life like a break up or other loss… With influences ranging from Italian poems to Chinese sound bytes to a duet in French and even some hints of Arabic — it reflects many of Sirsa’s travel inspiration in the last few years.

EX-FOLIATION by BEAUTY SUPPLY (2012): Beauty Supply is electro pop with hip hop and classical influences! Producer Ross Leitner went from becoming a classically trained pianist to producing and engineering hip hop artists at some of LA’s most prestigious studios. Combine Ross’s style with Sirsa’s love of 80’s inspired melodies and pop, and voila — you have BEAUTY SUPPLY! Ex-Foliation is a break-up album, yet with elements of PLAY, ANGER, HEARTBREAK, SADNESS and HOPE all rolled into one.. Notable tracks are Heart Attack, Who Will You Run To, English Sky and It’s Alright. <3

FIRST APPLICATION by BEAUTY SUPPLY (2007): First Application may just be Sirsa’s finest album, with some of her all-time favorite tracks on this album! Electro-pop meets dance meets hip hop meets classical…on this album you can Sirsa’s poignant duet with rapper PERMASHINE, her pensive and sweet cry on DREAMS COME TRUE, her wanna-be English inspired RIGHT TIME, her passion for music in IT’S THE MUSIC, and you can even hear some fun and silly rapping by Sirsa in WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME.. : D

LIFE IN COLOR by D’LOVELY (2002)….D’lovely is best described as Folktronica — and was the amazing collaboration with Noah Clark. Innocent and reflective of a less seasoned and more “green” songwriter SIrsa, this album reflects some of Sirsa’s former late night rave days, yet also stays true to her acoustic songwriter beginnings.. NOTABLE TRACKS: Last Time I Saw You, One Against the Sun, Hey Sugar, Taken, Valentine.

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