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Sirsa performs Fri. Feb 15th at Pali Wine Co, DTLA Arts District!

hi everyone,

Miracles do happen. After about 20 years of NOT doing solo acoustic shows around LA, I decided to live for nostalgia. I can’t wait to share a lovely night of solo acoustic music with you.

Photo: Vivi Rama

Photo: Vivi Rama

Do you love wine tasting or all the amazing restaurants in DTLA’s art district?  Come make an evening of it.

I perform Fri Feb 15th from 8-10pm at Pali Wine Co, 811 Traction Ave, Los Angeles.

They offer wine tasting flights of Chardonnay and Pinots, along with Bordeaux, Rhone Varietals and more.  You can get all the info at, and then search their LA Tasting room.

Songs will be played off of my newest upcoming album, along with former Beauty Supply songs, decades old songs, and some brand new songs as well! : )

Surprise Special Guests!  Can’t wait to see you all there.  : )



Show your holiday love with a CUSTOM SONG!

Hi everyone,

Have you ever thought about giving someone a custom song for the holidays?

Custom Songs are amazing way to give someone a very personalized, unique and loving gift. It all starts is with a conversation about all your thoughts and feelings that you’d like to express in the song, and your song is delivered with 1-2 weeks.

I’m offering special holiday pricing until the New Year!

$299:   YouTube video link with live performance of your song.

$499:  You Tube video link with live performance plus a high quality mp3 and Wav file, acoustic version of your song. (Just vocals and one instrument.)

$699:  All the above plus a fully produced version of the song with several instruments.

It would be an honor to put your feelings into music.



“SHOT OF YOUR LOVE” features 9 brand-new, exclusive tracks! <3

Hi everyone,

I’m so thankful that all you guys are excited for the new album release!  I’ve decided to delay the release for a few more months…  I’m working with a new marketing team and I want to learn how to better connect with all of you before launching an album. I’m so not a tech-y person so the processes going slow…. But I love you guys — and if you wanna follow all the latest on my new album you can LIKE my page at

<3 <3 <3



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Sirsa performs at “Lovesongs and Lullabies” on Fri August 11th at Fais Do Do!

My lovely friends, we have curated a very special evening for you coming up next Friday August 11th at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles!

“Lovesongs and Lullabies: A French-Themed Musical Affair”  highlights performers from all over the world, who will each perform a few songs in French this show!  We have a special Parisian chef coming in for the evening, a host, a puppet performance, curated playlists and so much more!

All the details can be found at  under EVENTS.

We hope you will join us!

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Sirsa proudly signs to Laurel Canon Music Licensing

Photo: Vivi Rama

Photo: Vivi Rama

Hi everyone.  Many years ago I was watching the final episode of TV show “Six Feet Under.”  For anyone that remembers that final episode, it was literally one of the best moments of TV I have ever seen.  Part of that is because Sia’s emotional song, “Breathe Me,” was so perfectly placed in the final minutes of the show. I had tears running down my face, in appreciation of the beauty for how music and screen melded together as one.

The music supervisor responsible for that moment was 5-time Grammy nominated Gary Calamar. Gary is also a well-known DJ on NPR’s  KCRW. I remember thinking back then how it would be an honor to work with a music supervisor who was capable of such insight and beauty.

And then, just last week, after a meeting with Gary’s well-respected partner James Combs, I am now officially one of the artists represented by Gary Calamar! How exciting is that?

You can see my profile on his Licensing Company Website  here…

With much appreciation and excitement,




Full length album releases Spring 2017!!!

hellllllllo…..everyone!   Happy 2017!  So, I am super excited to share the whole full length album with you all this spring…. Title TBD.. In the meantime, I am offering another free download below.. For those of you who want some free tunes, enjoy this one. xoxox


Black Into My Life EP Releases 11-11 !!!!

Beep Beep.

The time has come!  You all get to hear the new EP Black Into My Life, on 11.11.

I chose this special release date cause the number 1111 has always been super personal to me.

Check for “Eleven Reasons Why You’ll Love the New EP” and other surprises including six new videos, eleven new photos, and “Eleven life lessons I learned making this album.”

This album is perfect for anyone going through a break-up or major life transition. It’s all about shedding the old and making room for the room. The motto for the album is “The Only Way Out is Through.”

With excitement and gratitude,

xoxo  Sirsa


Sirsa and Law cropped

“Moonbeams and Mischief” mark July 8th show @ Fais DoDo

Fais Do Do SIrsa cropped 1“Moonbeams and mischief” –what does that mean?  Well, for those of you that honored me with your presence at the July 8th show — it’s just a fancy way of explaining how dreamy, silly and at times, intense, the night was…. Don’t you agree?   For those of you that missed it, I opened for myself (as the British version of me), changed outfits, came out and did a few songs off of my newest release, “Black Into My Life” — including duets with Parisian Zera Vaughan, Italian-mafioso Federico Ferrandina and clean-bred American-boned Lawrence August.

There were surprises for all. I’m so impressed that I actually didn’t break into a full-blown coughing fit, as I was quite ill during this show. (By golly,  I still have the same cough almost two months later but I feel fabulous.)

Here are some pics from the evening. Sending so much love to everyone that came, and to all the other GREAT performers — Please Wait, Amy Correia, and Jessy Greene!  xoxox

IMG_1208 cropped moreSirsa Dance moves cropped



Still from upcoming music video for Black Into My Life

Sirsa’s title track, Black Into My Life, releases May 27th!

Dear lovely friends, It was an exciting month last month, between all the amazing response to the first single “Shot of Your Love!”  This month I release another song, and I am IN this music video! (Damn.)  You get to see shy Ms. Sirsa on the screen  (the directors and crew all knew that I had to down some shots of vodka to be able to film this video!)  Ha!

I’m going to release the song right here on the website, so please join back in on May 27th!!!

PS this track was inspired by watching lots of James Bond movies and Hunger Game trilogy as well!

Hugs and kisses <3    SS




Deep Thought

It’s April 1st — Welcome to my NEW MUSIC and SITE!!! : )

Dear friends, I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you!!! Thank you for joining my launch today! You will be able to hear three songs off my new album as of today, before they officially release later in the year! “Shot of Your Love” is the first single!   “Hot Air Balloon” is a bonus release on soundcloud. “Moth To A Flame” is a free download for anyone who wants to join the email list. Thanks for your patience with any glitches while I smooth out this site. In the meantime, Happy listening, and lots of love.  xo Sirsa


Italian Directing team Enrico Le Pera and Gianluca Draghetti for Black Into My Life Music Video!!

IMG_2129Hello all my Italian-lovers out there!  Well, for whatever reason, even though I tend to be more of a francophile, lately I’ve been attracting all things Italian — Italian music producer, Italian car, and now I’ve also finished up a music video with Italian directors Enrico Le Pera and Gianluca Draghetti!!  (Goodness,  I even eat a lot of Italian food!)

I’ve learned a thing or two about working with Italians now — and well, for the sake of your own personal enlightenment, here they are.

“7 Ways You Know You’re Working with Italian Directors” 

1) When one of the directors has so much style that you end up borrowing his clothes and accessories for the video shoot.
2) When what Americans might call “ferocious back and forth squabbling between directors,” Italians call a harmless chat among friends.
3) When countless cigarette breaks pepper multiple days of shooting.
4) When any cold pizza is left uneaten upon the table top, regardless of how much hunger prevails.
5) When the word “Beautiful” is exclaimed and massaged over and over and over… “Beautiful!!” “Beautiful!” “Beautiful…..”
6) When everyone’s names has one syllable affectionately amputated in conversation. Federico becomes Federi, Enrico becomes Henri, Gianluca becomes Gianlu….Sadly, I didn’t make “the cut” until near the end of shooting when I finally became “Sir.”
7) And last but not least, when one of the directors, after a long day of shooting tells me that he is going home for some biscuits (more aptly biscotti I should say) and milk.




Sirsa’s song “Taken” to score designer Nik Kacy’s Fashion Show in Oakland!


Back in 2004, I wrote the  song “TAKEN” for one of my folk-tronica projects D’lovely. It was dark and industrial, with Bjork and garage-y undertones. So when the up-and-coming shoe-designer Nik Kacy ( was in search of a angst-ridden and urban song to highlight their premiere RUNWAY show earlier this month in Oakland — “Taken” was the perfect fit!

I feel honored that designer Nik Kacy used “TAKEN” as the backdrop for showcasing their platform of thirteen shoe styles.  There is no video of this runway show but you can catch some footage after they use “TAKEN” once more for Queer Fashion Week this September in Oakland!  Yay!  Thank you, Nik!

To hear “TAKEN”, Press Here. : )

Photo Credits: Jose Lim


Fede and Dylan edited

Grammy-Award-Winning Dylan Dresdow Mixes Sirsa’s New Singles!!!

It’s been an exciting year so far, as when my Italian-based producer Federico  Ferrandina, made another cameo in LA, to help mix the last couple songs on my upcoming album, Black Into My Life.

I feel very blessed to have had the chance to work with no other than Dylan Dresdow, the amazingly talented mixer who has worked with everyone from Madge to Pink to MJ to Black Eyes Peas and more. He took time out of his busy schedule of mixing….ahem….Prince — to make time for the last couple songs on my album.

Dylan’s mixes are unique. They sparkle, they glow, and you can SEE them as much as you can HEAR them and FEEL them… He has now mixed half of Black Into My Life, and the other half of my album has been delicately mixed by dear producer Federico himself.

All in all, what can I say.  I’m grateful.

It’s all music to my ears.    —- xo   S


Photo: Chris Armenta

Website and Singles Launch April 1st!!!!!!

Dear friends, if you are seeing this post, please close your eyes : O )  No peaking!  The official  website launch isn’t until April 1st, 2016 and this is all just a test run to make sure everything is working properly. Anyways, I’m very excited to launch within weeks to all of you, along with my brand new singles — “Shot of Your Love” and “Hot Air Balloon.”

In the meantime, if you are reading this whole post, please go to to keep up with all my music news!  Yay, can’t wait to see you all on the other side. Hugs and kisses xo S