It’s April 1st — Welcome to my NEW MUSIC and SITE!!! : )

Dear friends, I am so excited to be sharing this journey with you!!! Thank you for joining my launch today! You will be able to hear three songs off my new album as of today, before they officially release later in the year! “Shot of Your Love” is the first single!   “Hot Air Balloon” is a bonus release on soundcloud. “Moth To A Flame” is a free download for anyone who wants to join the email list. Thanks for your patience with any glitches while I smooth out this site. In the meantime, Happy listening, and lots of love.  xo Sirsa

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  1. Chantalynn
    Chantalynn says:

    Love both “Shot of Your Love” AND “Hot Air Balloon”!!! Thanks for sharing your gift!!! Love you♡♡♡


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