Italian Directing team Enrico Le Pera and Gianluca Draghetti for Black Into My Life Music Video!!

IMG_2129Hello all my Italian-lovers out there!  Well, for whatever reason, even though I tend to be more of a francophile, lately I’ve been attracting all things Italian — Italian music producer, Italian car, and now I’ve also finished up a music video with Italian directors Enrico Le Pera and Gianluca Draghetti!!  (Goodness,  I even eat a lot of Italian food!)

I’ve learned a thing or two about working with Italians now — and well, for the sake of your own personal enlightenment, here they are.

“7 Ways You Know You’re Working with Italian Directors” 

1) When one of the directors has so much style that you end up borrowing his clothes and accessories for the video shoot.
2) When what Americans might call “ferocious back and forth squabbling between directors,” Italians call a harmless chat among friends.
3) When countless cigarette breaks pepper multiple days of shooting.
4) When any cold pizza is left uneaten upon the table top, regardless of how much hunger prevails.
5) When the word “Beautiful” is exclaimed and massaged over and over and over… “Beautiful!!” “Beautiful!” “Beautiful…..”
6) When everyone’s names has one syllable affectionately amputated in conversation. Federico becomes Federi, Enrico becomes Henri, Gianluca becomes Gianlu….Sadly, I didn’t make “the cut” until near the end of shooting when I finally became “Sir.”
7) And last but not least, when one of the directors, after a long day of shooting tells me that he is going home for some biscuits (more aptly biscotti I should say) and milk.



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