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Sirsa Shekim and over 80 other Brown Alums collaborate in “Together Apart”, a series of ten mini musicals: May 27th, 2021

Hi everyone, Tomorrow is the Premiere! I hope you can join me and over EIGHTY other  @brownu friends as we present “Together Apart!” It’s a collection of ten mini musicals written by @lisaloeb and several other incredibly talented Brown University Alums, featuring @itsjuliebowen, @williams_jobeth, @therhondaross, @erinxmckeown and so many more! We’ve all been though so much […]

Show your holiday love with a CUSTOM SONG!

Hi everyone, Have you ever thought about giving someone a custom song for the holidays? Custom Songs are amazing way to give someone a very personalized, unique and loving gift. It all starts is with a conversation about all your thoughts and feelings that you’d like to express in the song, and your song is delivered […]

“SHOT OF YOUR LOVE” features 9 brand-new, exclusive tracks! <3

Hi everyone, I’m so thankful that all you guys are excited for the new album release!  I’ve decided to delay the release for a few more months…  I’m working with a new marketing team and I want to learn how to better connect with all of you before launching an album. I’m so not a tech-y person […]