Sirsa Shekim is an award-winning recording artist, songwriter and writer living in Los Angeles. Her music has been featured alongside Paris Hilton, Pink, Chris Rock, Disney, fashion shows, many hit TV shows and more. Several tracks off her debut solo album “Shot of Your Love,” (summer 2021)  sound as if “Madonna and Sade collaborated to create a James Bond soundtrack.”
Her influences, which range from 80’s pop to musical theater and folk —  include Sade, Radiohead, Charles Aznavour, Feist, hip hop, modern dance, the Mediterranean, French films, hot air balloons, water, royalty, and the colors of the sky. Sirsa finds particular fascination with the abstract, metaphorical and that which cannot be seen.
Sirsa has written the theme songs for Chinese film I Do and Russian film First Love: It’s the Music. She currently has plans to write a musical, soundtrack, several children’s books, and more.
Her Italian-based producer Federico Ferrandina co-wrote several of the songs on her solo album and composed lovely piano, string, and guitar arrangements — all recorded in his hometown of Italy.
Having grown up internationally to a Lebanese mother and Circassian father, Sirsa plans to one day live in France with a rusty bicycle, crusty baguette, bountiful garden and plenty of cheese and wine.



(Theme Songs) I Do (2012), First Love: It’s the Music (2009)

(Film)  The Jazz Funeral (2014), The Wedding Matters (2010) First Love: It’s the Music (2009), Good Hair ((2009), The Slammin’ Salmon (2009), Soccer Mom (2008), Ring of Endless Light (2002), It Had to Be You (2000), Pariah (1998)

(TV) “Fetching”, “I Used to Be Fat”, “The Real L Word”, “Pink: VH1 Behind the Music”, “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”, “The American Mall”, “One Tree Hill”, “Las Vegas”, “Summerland”, “Samantha Who”